Welcome to Bajura Campus

Bajura Campus has been established as a community based centre of higher education in Badimalika Municipality – 08, Martadi, Bajura,  the headquarter of Bajura District, with the joint effort and co-operation of representatives of political party, social activists, intellectual fellows, educators and all of the Bajureli ladies and gentle men in 2063 B.S. under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University. Now, the campus is in the undergoing process of being a constituent campus of Far western University.

Bajura Campus has started its journey of higher education taking the affiliation of education faculty using infrastructure and man power of Malika Higher Secondary school 2063 B.S. Now, the campus is independently situated in the northern area of Martadi Bazar. The campus has also been running management and humanities and Social Sciences faculties these days. Teaching-learning activities are going on by experienced subject-wise lecturers. In addition, the provision of hostel, computer class, occasional guest lecturing by reputed and distinguished invited personnel from various fields and extra-curricular activities are other facilities that are being delivered for all-round development of the students.

The campus has been running different educational programmes with student friendly and psychological environment using limited tools and resources to ensure quality education as per the whim of 21st century education. The campus is an important destination of higher education for the students of Bajura and neighbouring districts. That is why this campus has been playing significant role for the development of higher education in Bajura district as well as in the whole country.

Vision, Mission & Goal

Social reformation is our motto with the delivery of inclusive, vocational and quality education as per the need and demand of the changing society.

Bajura Campus will be a noble destination of academic excellence and research study that reinforces the students to develop their competitive ability for their future career to adjust in the diverse sphere of society.

  • To establish Bajura Campus as a dynamic academic institution with the involvement of the stakeholders in education campaign of social reformation.
  • To ensure inclusive, vocational and quality education as per the need and demand of the changing society.
  • To provide opportunity of higher education who are deprived from it.
  • To establish establish the campus as a research centre.
  • To make the campus as a well managed centre of study with well equipped e-library and technology based teaching and learning.
  • To make the campus independent physically and economically.

Management Committee