It is globally accepted that education is a key foundation to form a dynamic and progressive society. Every dynamic society is built with enlightened brain, but not with bricks and stones. So we dream that our students must acquire quality education aiming to change their society dynamically and progressively. The campus management committee is strongly committed to meet this academic goal of the campus. Similarly, the management committee is always curious to develop further coordination with all the stakeholders and donor agencies for the further sustainable development of the campus regardless several challenges and problems. Bajura Campus has been imparting quality education since 2063 B.S. to the students of its surrounding areas. Especially, educationally backward and girl students are beneficial to acquire their higher education in their home town. These sorts of educationally deprived students have been supported by the campus providing scholarship, hostel, library and other facilities. Moreover, the campus is committed to provide different sorts of facilities with the identification of the students’ needs to create favourable learning environment. Our ultimate goal is to provide quality education to the students to support their career development and job placement. For that purpose the campus identifies their potential abilities and suggests them to develop their true potentialities to achieve their aims and ambitions of life. Finally, I would like to request the parents, students, teaching and non-teaching staffs and all the other stakeholders of the campus to continue their support with extending their hands, mind and brimful hearts for further institutional enhancement to ensure quality education.   Tularam Jaishi Chairperson